From Thighland to Thailand

March 8, 2019

Thailand 7.13

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Thailand 7.13

March 8, 2019-Friday


The end is near.

I suppose that all this time our job was to find a diagnosis and treat that disease and then see the next patient one by one as many as we can in a day. It took me awhile to realize that it wasn’t about treating a disease but building relationships. Back home when we have our own patients, we have time to get to know them and we develop long-term relationships with them and sometimes, even becoming friends. In the beginning of our mission trips we often focused on numbers to justify mission trips by how many were treated and helped. Indeed, our mission trips have treated a lot of patients by improving their quality of life by allowing them to see better, feel better, look better, and eat better. Everyone wants to better him or herself; it’s just that sometimes we need help from others. The mission team does this way out here in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. We have developed relationships with our patients, school teachers and principals, pastors and their congregations, but most of all, with Luka and Ghan’s family, the Ahka villagers, and the AYDC children.

Most of the photos posted today are of our celebration at the AYDC tonight where they prepared a meal for us-pizza, fried chicken, soup, fruit, and homemade coconut ice cream. The team served the students, and our hosts served the team. Luka and Ghan thanked the team then there was presentation of gifts by the students to the team. This was followed by several dance performances by the children, a large circle holding hands singing and praying. We sang ,“Happy Birthday” to Ellen who had a birthday yesterday and for Mark Patton’s birthday next week. Then the hard and emotional part of saying good-bye to our friends, and as Ghan put it, “Friendships for eternity.”   There were hugs and kisses and well wishes for all.

This blog can’t possibly let you know how each team member felt; you will need to ask him or her to share their experiences with you. The photos can show you a moment of time with hopes that you can feel just a little of what we felt at that moment.

Thank you for reading and praying for us. I know that not everyone can physically participate in these missions but you can help support FCBC and our desire to continue with these mission trips with our fundraisers in addition to other projects that the TAM-F may need in the future. Thank you for your support and prayers that made this mission trip possible.

We are packing tonight and tomorrow and leaving in the late afternoon, Saturday, and arriving Sunday afternoon. Ghan and Luka will be coming to town around Easter week so its farewell my friends, but not good-bye! May we be as gracious hosts and generous as they have been to us.


See you soon,



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