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March 6, 2019

Thailand 7.11

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Thailand 7.11
March 6, 2019-Wednesday

********************BREAKING NEWS************************


At about 6:30 pm tonight, in a bazaar yet fortuitous sequence of events, a young Chinese visitor miraculously avoided further harm by three heath professionals on a mercy mission from America. Kane Kuo, MD, Andy Alejo, RN, and Chris Chow, PharmD were eating at the Four Star Restaurant on Banpapragarn Road, in Chiang Rai near the famous Clock Tower when Dr. Kuo, an emergency room physician from California, heard a large crash indicative of a two-vehicle collision. His reflexive response was to investigate the cause to see if aid was needed an approached the scene of the accident with Andy and Chris in clos pursuit. To his surprise, he noticed a young woman in her twenties cradling a motorcycle, which was pinned under the front end of the truck with the wheels off the ground on top of the motorcycle. Several bystanders were trying to yank the victim out from under the truck without success, which at any moment could crush her. Dr. Kuo stopped them from potentially causing further harm and paralysis as he quickly assessed the cervical spine and back for stability first; check for head injury, and to see if she was breathing. At this time, their colleagues Ming Chong, RN and Ed Eng, CPA joined the rescue providing timely interpretation as Ming discovered she was visiting from China and only spoke Mandarin. This greatly helped assessing the situation and for her to verbalize her condition and complaints of any injuries.

As it turns out, she was not the driver of the motorcycle and not even a passenger! Apparently, unfamiliar with the direction of traffic, as she allegedly was jay walking, she froze and stopped in the middle of the road, while an oncoming motorcycle swerved to avoid hitting her. The driver laid the motorcycle down as he jumped off. The truck following the motorcycle, hit the motorcycle, which slid into the pedestrian causing her to be airborne and she landed on the motorcycle as the truck continued on top of both her and the motorcycle. Once Dr. Kuo felt it was safe to move her out of harms way from traffic, the medical team pulled her to the side of the road and further assessed her injuries and provide necessary aid. While the team was attending her, Dr. Kuo looked up to see what else was going on, noticing the motorcycle driver on the phone and the bystanders trying to get the truck off the motorcycle, which on the third attempt was successful. Ironically, no one else was tending for the victim but tending to their vehicles! By now, the EMS ambulance arrived and transported her to the local hospital after the medical team stabilized her. She had sustained blunt head trauma, multiple lacerations, abrasions, contusions, and may have sustained broken ribs or a head injury and will need X-rays and CT scans, etc. for further evaluation and treatment. The local police arrived to take control of the scene as the medical team nonchalantly returned to the restaurant since their food was getting cold.

They do not want to be regarded as heroes but they want to give all the glory to God. This accident was going to happen whether the medical team was in Chiang Rai or not. But God put the medical team, each with their gifts and talents, there with a Chinese interpreter to help a stranger in a strange land. They were at the right place at the right time.

1 Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others

God is in control. I am proud to be part of this team who unselfishly sacrifice their time and efforts to serve others. Guys, you did good!

Now earlier today we finished at the Thailand Mennonite Brethren Foundation complex. No one seems to smile as you can see in many of the photos. I tried an ice breaker by teaching the patients how to say “Hello”, “Hi” and “Bye-Bye” That brought on a few smiles and for some that was their first words of the English language. We treated a number of conditions that was similar to what we treated before. It seemed busier than it should have because some patients that were seen on another day returned for something else today or patients talk amongst themselves and strategize to get another service even though they may have not even need an evaluation. Some came just to get preventative worm medications that they will need in a few months. Some were recruited as a local market telling each other about the “Free Clinic”. But one little girl touched our hearts as Kane evaluated her for deafness and the inability to speak. She was lively, shy, and playful but just couldn’t hear anything. Apparently it was from birth so she doesn’t know what she is missing. She doesn’t know what sound is or what it is like to speak. Her quality of life would change dramatically if she could hear and speak. Can you imagine how she would feel knowing how to speak and then talk? As Christians, we are here to evangelize and to serve. People who don’t know Christ are like a deaf/mute individual. They don’t know what they are missing but look how much better quality of life they would have if they did have Christ in their hearts. So whether our mission is truly health oriented or evangelistic, it’s saving lives and being saved.

Need my beauty sleep,

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