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March 1, 2019

Thailand 7.6

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Thailand 7.6

March 1, 2019-Friday

Most of our journeys to Thailand include a stop at the Sahasartsuka School in Chiang Rai where Luka was a student and this trip was no different. An American Baptist missionary established the school in the 1950’s. There is a mixture of ethnic hillside tribes and Thai children that make up the student body and most of them are from Akha villages. Most of the students did not look terribly sick and had typical colds, minor infections (fungal, scabies, warts), needed teeth cleaning, and fitting for prescription lenses to improve their sight especially to study. There was much needed enthusiasm with the access to our equipment and supplies that were released from customs. In fact the optometry team started preparing the prescriptions obtained earlier this week as Pastor Jack and Mark Patton cut and ground lenses and assembled the frames. One of the patients that Mark fitted exclaimed, “WOW!” after putting on the glasses and being able to see clearly.

The children are brave to have strangers examine them and are always polite. Andy was treating a child with impacted earwax and felt bad for her because the experience appeared to be uncomfortable. It was kind of my fault since I looked into her ears and sent her to Andy, the earwax expert. It took a couple of helpers to hold her hand and calm her while Andy flushed out her ear canals, which took about an hour to do. We tried to make her feel better giving her a toothbrush and goodies. Even in tears, she still brought her hands together and bowed to show her thanks. Our trips are always satisfying seeing young students; particularly those from hillside tribes get an opportunity for education. Luka and Ghan’s children have had that opportunity at CRICS and Da aspires to be a teacher while Wan is thinking about a career in the health field. Kane took Da under his wings and taught her how to evaluate patients with pertinent questions and examine them with our tools, such as a stethoscope and come up with a diagnosis. Then she would present the patient and her findings and give an appropriate treatment based on what she has seen Kane advise for other patients. She diagnosed and treated an upper respiratory infection patient and a migraine patient correctly and even caught a patient’s allergy to a medication that might have been prescribed for a certain condition. She shows an interest in the health field, is quick learner, and we have to be reminded that she is only 15 years-old! Wouldn’t it be nice if she became the first Akha doctor in Thailand? Maybe we should start a crowd funding campaign.

When we returned to the hotel we met for singing and devotion and we talked about prayer and a story related to Acts 12:5. It is all too common to have phrases like “Pray about it”, “I’ll pray for you”, “Our thoughts and prayers are with you” “Please God, I pray that you will…” How hard to you really pray about something? With what faith and conviction to you want or expect God to answer your prayers? Do you think God answers our prayers? Well, God did answer our prayers and not one, or two bins were released, BUT ALL OF THEM WERE RELEASED. Miracles do occur and God knows what we need and provides. He also knows our hearts and how sincere we are. We can all pray a little harder and heartier.

Thank you God. Mark




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  1. Will continue to pray for God’s message of love for these people to make it to their hearts through your service, and a safe trip home for all.

    Comment by Vincent Martinez — March 1, 2019 @ 2:54 pm

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