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February 25, 2019

Thailand 7.2

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Thailand 7.2

February 25, 2019-Monday,

Happy Birthday to our daughter Allison (sorry I missed it AGAIN) and to my sister Daphne! Hope you both had a great time of celebration.

Our saga continues…
We still have no word on the missing bins or those that are under the possession of the Thai customs but today is preparation day so we went to 2 pharmacies and a medical supply house to get some needed drugs and surgical supplies.
Fortunately Bill has his makeshift “steam sterilizer” that can sanitize our instruments and it’s funny that Gail mentioned that she’s missing her favorite pressure cooker. What a coincidence? We raided the guesthouse at the AYDC (Akha Youth Development Center) and to much of our surprise we found a plethora of medications and supplies in storage that we can use on this trip. The dental team also scavenged so dental equipment that has been left from previous trips so we are in better shape than we thought. God provides. Halleluiah, God is good!

Bill promises this will be our easiest trip E-VER with no monsoons expected, no riding ox carts, no leaking boats, no military junta confrontations, no sleeping on floors under mosquito nets, and minimal squatting on toilets AND we will have running filtered water and electricity. We will have to teach Ed the proper etiquette, technique, and grace while attempting the squatty potty. Ed also mentioned that it seems that all we have been doing is eating. Well Ed, we never know when our next meal will be coming and you know what happens when they stuff the pig, it soon will be slaughtered. So be prepared, we are just getting started. Speaking of pig, Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year!

Our itinerary includes visiting the AYDC, several Akha villages, two schools, Pastor Phongkaeow’s compound by the Laos border and a prison. More details to come but one of the villages that we are going to, was part of a command center when the soccer team of boys got stuck in the flooded cave for days just a short time ago.

Ghan treated us to a wonderful lunch at her home and some took a tour and looked at some of the renovations while others rummaged through the supply room. Goo long hummaday Ghan!

After lunch, we travelled to a “leper colony” to visit the residents. It’s called the Home for Leprosy and the Elderly, which was founded by Tommy Tillman in 1988. No all, but some of the residents had been inflicted with leprosy and some extremities were disfigured or amputated. The resident don’t leave the compound much and yearn for visitors offering them the human touch. There was one elderly man riding a tricycle that we passed by and Andy waved at him. He propelled his trike with a vertical stick that he moved with his arm in a forward-backward motion and followed the bus all the way to the compound. It turns out that his leg was amputated from leprosy but that didn’t seem to stop him and he lived at the compound. Earlier in the day, some of the team members went shopping to bring the residents food and everyday hygiene items as gifts. We treated them with respect with minimal photography and we weren’t there to feed our curious minds. Actually, I think taking photos with them was welcomed. You see, Andy had visited the compound 6 years ago and took selfies with many of them. Some residents passed on but those that remained who had their photos taken with Andy he recognized. He was showing them on his phone and they were smiling together and it brought tears to Andy. One lady reminded him of his grandmother. We all can use a hug and touch from time to time. This was certainly a touchable moment. We will see if we can print some photos and have them delivered to them in the near future.

We closed out the night with Kane leading songs playing his petite guitar and Pastor’s lesson with the Chap book. Though we seem to be providing services to those under served, it’s more about developing our own personal relationship with God. I think I got it but I’m still jet lagged and will have to ponder that lesson and “hold that thought” because I need to get some shuteye.

Nigh nigh,

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  1. Hope all are doing well and that you know we are all praying for you.

    Comment by Richard — February 25, 2019 @ 4:33 pm

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