From Thighland to Thailand

February 27, 2017

Thailand-Myanmar 6.7

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February 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Lindsey Lowe!   I hope that you get that new car you are wishing for and that mama and papa are reading this! 😉

Bill has always looked to keep the cost down on these trips and the Golden Triangle Inn and we lucked out because the GTI was more expensive than the Wangcome Hotel we are at now and it is pretty nice.  Air conditioning and warm water is about all we need at this time but the rooms are nice and the buffet breakfast has quite a variety. Most of us slept pretty good after a night of shopping and stuffing our bellies with mango-sticky-rice and Swensen’s Ice Cream.  Thanks Bill!

We drove to the Huisan village where we had Sunday service. This is the main church of the Akha village that we are all familiar with. We saw the new sanctuary that was built after the earthquake since the old building was not structurally sound but a new medical clinic was built in its place since that was crushed as well during the earthquake. The sanctuary was beautiful but I had to get my bearings right because I tried to sit on the ladies side and Lena had to point me to the correct side. I forgot that there was not coed seating in this church. It was very special to see familiar faces that greeted us with warm hugs and smiles. It is very important to maintain these bonds and we felt as if we were just here. We have established this relationship with this village over 10 years ago and we cherish their friendship, as they are appreciative of what we share in spirit, love, and fellowship.

The pastor and the head of the village welcomed us and thanked us for coming. Both Pastor Jack and Pastor Kim were able to give messages to the congregation with interpreters and we celebrated in the word and in song. We were treated with traditional Akha dances by both young men and young ladies in Akha attire. The church then prepared a wonder meal in the education wing. How I love the fresh fruit!

We had a productive day during clinic for the medical and eye team setting up outside the sanctuary. The dental team assisted with the pharmacy helping organizing for an efficient flow.   We have been doing quite well with what we have in supplies. I was touched by the gesture of a man from whom I removed a large buttock mass.   I don’t get grossed out much but this was a large sebaceous cyst that was about 3 inches in diameter hanging off the left cheek and during its removal it started to leak and then a lava flow ensued and it just kept coming and coming. I’ve never seen such a large cyst before. He was very stoic as he laid on his tummy on a hard church pew bench and it though it hurt a few times he was a great patient. I thought he would be mad at me for hurting him  but I was in for a big surprise. He was so grateful that about a half an hour later he returned to give me a man purse as a gift. It’s always a nice feeling to get a gift deserved or not.  I accepted it with gratitude, as I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by not accepting it. We don’t serve for accolades, payment, or barter and we really don’t expect much in the way of thanks. The people that we treat are so grateful for whatever treatment that they receive. The people here are polite, patient, gracious, and generous. I am humbled by their attitudes and get great satisfaction when I think I improved their quality of life. These people here are hard working individuals and it is amazing how fit and strong they are even when they are 70 years old. I admire their stamina and work ethic to continue to be productive all their life.

This trip is more about establishing new relationships as well and strengthening existing ones rather than what we actually do or how many patients we treated. God wants us to share our love. We hope to measure the impact of our presence here not what we do physically but how we affect one another spiritually

In Christ, Mark.


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