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February 25, 2012

Thailand 4.9

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Thailand 4.9: We are all God’s children

February 25, 2012-Saturday

Happy 21st Birthday Lindsay Lowe! We hope you’re having a great time in Germany and Austria or wherever you may be.  Dad says enjoy Vienna!

 We traveled to the Khaodee Church (Good news) orphanage in Maechan about 45 minutes north of Chiang Rai.  Many smiling children and adult villagers greeted us.  There are about 100 orphans here but only about 9 staff members.  Many people from the surrounding area came as well to this clinic for treatment.  A missionary team from Hawaii comes every year so some of the adult women were giving us the “Hang Loose” sign with the pinky and thumb extended.  I got them to extend the finger and tried to teach them “I Love You” then pointed towards the sky to say God and Jesus loves you.  I think they got the idea.  The buildings and grounds were nice.  We had a large work area but, unfortunately, throughout the day it was like working in an oven.  There was a clay roof with no ceiling and the hot air began to descend to our level. The outside temp was 91 degrees so it was about 100+ indoors with little ventilation.   Fans made it feel like a hot blow dryer.  The hosts were great and fed us well.   It’s hard to relate to giving up a child when you cannot raise them yourselves. (Although I have to admit that I thought of giving up one or two of my own from time to time!)  I even saw a pair of beautiful twin girls that were orphans.  There is a great influence being raised in a church-run orphanage.  One of my youngest patient wasn’t even two years old but he would put his hands together and pray or greet me with “Sawasdee.”  His mother and him live at the orphanage since she can’t do it alone. There was a patient who was in the eye clinic that said that she died at a young age and came back to life but was left cross-eyed.  She wanted to try to improve her eyesight but that’s how she was left and there was not much the docs could do for her eyesight. Most of them seemed happy and content.  The children live in dormitory type buildings and they work together helping us out with moving our bins, moving tables and chairs, and even washing the dishes after our meals.  They have a great work ethic at such a young age. They were grateful for us to be there and surrounded us in a circle at the end and prayed for us and thanked us.  Sometimes we may feel sorry for them but Lena felt that they are probably more at peace than most Americans.  I’m starting a photo op ministry.  I do get a charge when I see a child’s smile after I give them a photo of them or with their friends.  It may have been the first time that they have seen a picture of themselves. Daily tally:  272 Patients

  1. Medical:    116 Patients
  2. Dental:          73Patients
  3. Eye:                  83 Patients (A record so far!)

Tomorrow we go to church at the Huaisan Akha Village Church where we had our first clinic.  We have the honor to see a song during the church service.  I am worried because it is written in Psalm 100:1, “Make a joyful noise unto the world.”  I am not so sure we are too joyful but the noise will be there.  However, there is hope.  Kane led after during dinner as we practiced “Shout to the Lord.” I hope that at least puts a smile on God’s face.

1131 Patients treated so far and counting-Mark


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  1. Nice pictures. Keep up the good work and spiritual healing as well as the physical healing.

    Comment by Leroy — February 26, 2012 @ 6:45 am

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